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How People Learn Engineering Workshop

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At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Describe relevant psychological models of student learning
  • Apply these models to learning engineering
  • Develop a substantive engineering education research question
  • Develop a theory-based research plan to answer the research question


Workshop facilitators include

  • Dr. Marilla Svinicki, Professor of Educational Psychology, University of Texas-Austin
  • Dr. Jim Pellegrino, Distinguished Professor in Psychology and Education, University of Illinois-Chicago
  • Dr. Wendy Newstetter, Director of Learning Sciences Research, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Georgia Tech
  • Dr. Ruth Streveler, Assistant Professor of Engineering Education, Purdue University
  • Dr. Barbara Olds, Associate Provost for Educational Innovation and Professor of Liberal Arts and International Studies, Colorado School of Mines
  • Dr. Ron Miller, Director of the Center for Engineering Education and Professor of Chemical Engineering, Colorado School of Mines


Project Oversight

Ruth A. Streveler, Ph.D.
Qaiser H. Malik, Ph.D.

Online Instructional Design

Patrick L. Vogt, M. Sci

Quiz Development

Qaiser H. Malik, Ph.D.
Natasha Mello-Perova, Ph.D.

Sponsored by

The National Science FoundationProject Number: DUE-0814788

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In This Workshop

  1. Research in Education

    29 Jul 2010 | Presentations

    Research in Education based on Shavelson & Towne

  2. RREE2 Fundamentals of Qualitative Research

    29 Jul 2010 | Presentations

    Fundamentals of Qualitative Research

  3. Marilla Svinicki's Book List of Educational Research Resources from the RREE 2010 Summer Workshop, Golden, CO

    03 Aug 2010 | Presentations | Contributor(s): Marilla D. Svinicki

    A list sorted by topic of interest of handbooks on research in various areas of education which can be used as background reading for engineering education research.Marilla Svinicki is a professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin

  4. Research Resources for Computer Searching in Education

    04 Aug 2010 | Presentations | Contributor(s): Marilla D. Svinicki

    A list of reference sites and databases on education research.--Prepared by Marilla Svinicki.Marilla Svinicki is a Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin.