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Status of Global Efforts and Opportunities in Engineering Education Research

By Jack R. Lohmann1, Karl A. Smith2

1. Georgia Institute of Technology 2. Purdue University

Published on


Engineering education research is a rapidly growing field of scholarship for many engineering faculty. A global community is developing supported by seminars, conferences, journals, and workshops. The focus of this half-day workshop is twofold:

(1) Enhance awareness of the nature of engineering educational research.
(2) Increase familiarity with the emerging global engineering education research community.

This interactive workshop is open to up to 50 engineering faculty who are considering or are currently engaged in scholarly work focused on teaching and student learning. It is especially designed for faculty who wish to make engineering education research an important part of their scholarly portfolio, including collaborating with social science colleagues to address engineering education questions and opportunities, seeking funding for engineering educational research, and publishing the results of their work in peer-reviewed education and educational research journals and similar forums.

The intended outcomes from the workshop are to help participants to:
(1) identify the principal features of engineering educational research and how they compare with technical engineering research,

(2) frame research questions, situate them within appropriate theoretical frameworks, and consider alternative research methodologies,

(3) gain familiarity of Web-based and print resources, specifically the Journal of Engineering Education, Annals of Research on Engineering Education, Scientific Research in Education, The Craft of Research, and

(4) become more aware of emerging global communities and their networks, and how to connect with them.

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